Monday, January 08, 2007

Finally back at the uni

Standing at the drowned state of Johor, it was an unbelievable sight to behold, with trashes everywhere, branches and leaves laying on the ground, cars wrenched in water, upside down carts and dead cat.

Neh, well, luckily for my better part of the town, this had not happened except for the usual dead cat laying in the middle of the trunk road.

Checking around my town, it was still the same and dried that time when I returned. Inspecting closer inside my house, well, w**, more spider cobwebs..

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Greed is good?

What's your resolution for new year? A common question that will and most probably be asked by any of your friends or foes!

Statement no. 1 : "I want to be rich!". Well, good, what a common resolution, who wants to be poor? Ask any of the african scantilly dress, malnutrion kids laying on the sand asking for food, do they want rich? They said, "What the 'fu**' you give me money for?" Give me peace and food! The moral of the story: if you have no strength, how are you going to use the money? When you're old, enjoy to the fullest, money can't be use anywhere other than the real world. Enjoy with your love one!

Statement no. 2: "I want to get good results!". Hehe, sorry, dude, this is not genie machine who instantly and spontaneously grant you a good wish. No smart hard work without good results. For the dude, who sat on the table for 24/7 last year, get a life! Look outside the window! Well, hell no, I'm not asking you to jump outside! Look at the bright side! Oh, and hell no, I'm not asking you to play sport for 24/7. Be smart and study smart. Study is a must but don't take it for granted that looking at the page for 1 second then saying I'm smart! Well, unless you are really darn smart....

Statement no. 3: "Where are thou, pretty babes?" (For guys). or "Where are thou, handsomes?" (For girls). Well, sad to say again, unless you're Tom Cruise or Pamela Anderson, you are still sleeping inside your bedroom on top of Dumblopillow coz you ain't getting a life! Go out, pull yourself and get your confident and approach any babes or handsomes you came across. No actions = no feelings = no relationship coz they don't even know that you're exist! Introduction = new friends = interesting = 50% of getting into good relationship no matter how you looks like! Trust me, go ahead and introduce yourself to a new babe or handsome.

Eh, you got more resolutions? No problem, the earth has 365 days (pardon me, if you have more or less) and 24 hours time per day! Hope you have your good resolution and wishes everyone who is reading a very Happy New Year!

Oh, btw, I see many chinese new year banner too!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Thinking of how time fly

Ohh, it's almost time for me to return and i dread to see the old housemates again, insanity can sometime creep and chill to my backbone. What on the earth am I living with? These bunch of no-no life people can sometimes make one crazy if not, insane...

Ohh, please 2007, give me a better life!

Ohh, I have to stop whining and kick these bastard asses for the new year! :)

The new 2007

It's the end of 2006 and 2007 has arrived straight on time. Everywhere you go, you see "new", "new" and "new". Certain article even promised "bigger" and "larger" events, activities and scope.

Even, the blog... as he clicked on the blog, the blogger told him, "Sorry, dude, you're way out of date!" and "check out the 'new' blogger!"

He was stunned, "what the...?".

Out of frustration of the new new year, he has to log in with his gmail account and migrate his old account to the new one...

So what else is new? The new flood that flooded his uni? The new chick on the block which he has no chance and no way in getting? The new car on the street which he has no way in thinking of owning it now? or the new VAIO that he has absolutely no way in keeping it in his closet?

Everything is new in the new year of 2007 but everything has a new price too so in the end, he's just an old guy with old laptop, old nagging from parents, old bike, old house, and old friends to chat with.

What's the difference between 2006 and 2007? Yeah, the new blog and entries... that's new, of course!