Thursday, January 26, 2006

Java and .NET

Note: This is a technical entry. Do not complain about it. This entry is lengthy too. Be patient. if some of the points that you do not agree please rebutt or correct me. After all, everyone has their rights and believes to technological capability and market understanding in programming languages. Share your comment.

Recently there were arguments surrounding Java and .NET. It has been reported in Business Week that usage of JAVA has declined in our European counterparts. Microsoft .NET has increase. Frankly speaking, i do not have any grudge against JAVA. In fact i respect all programming languages in the market today. JAVA as far as i can remember revolves around alot of import and syntaxes that need to be constructed and instantiated before it is build as an application. Of course i do love JAVA for its uniqueness and that was 4 years ago. Currently, i am into SAP R/3 ABAP and Microsoft .NET.

An object oriented programming language. It is open source, compiled once run anywhere and very powerful. JAVA is an awesome language and secured too. Given its many technologies like JSP (which is one of my favourite) has now spawn JSF. With IBM supporting JAVA out comes IBM Netsphere. Tools that is developed to build application easily. Apart from that, SUN did also produce SunONE Studio to flex its muscle in developement UI tool. In my opinion, i never did get to bite the real power of JAVA. The most extreme developement area was just revolving around JSP with Dreamweaver MX and JRUN.

Love it since as a student. A real rapid application development tool. Microsoft has make many changes and improvement to its MSDEV tool since its inception in the early or mid 90s. With its new .NET 2005, microsoft tools has re-invent its predecessor. NOt only it is object based but has move towards in a more holistic approach : object oriented. Although Microsoft still retain its famous C++ and the ever scandalous VB but both of these language is fuse with the .NET framework. The .NET Framework is an infrastructure that allows programming language to capture its benefit to build web service application and others application. Therefore, C++ is C++ .NET and VB is VB .NET. Apart from that, Microsoft also came out C#. C# is a fusion of C++ and Java. Beginners who intend to take up C++ should start with C#. Therefore, no problem if you still want to just do C++. C# has all the engine of C++. However, here is an article on Microsoft

A more industrial approach to programming corporate business logic and business programs. In fact, ABAP is a tool that is use to enhance, modify and create business application proprietary to SAP R/3 and SAP Netweaver. Although SAP Netweaver adopts and applied JAVA heavily in its new product but ABAP still is the mainstream of SAP building blocks. In fact, right now there is alot of argument whether ABAP will die or JAVA is taking over. I do not believe that ABAP will die off. ABAP is a very strong language that it has been use since the early 70s. Irrespective of years, SAP has thousands of functions written in one module alone that is quite tough to debug. All of them are ABAP. JAVA recently make its debut in Netweaver. Therefore, its years with SAP is still very fresh.

Below is the list of programming languages:
ASP / ASP .NET - for Microsoft using IIS
JSP - for JAVA using APACHE
BSP - for SAP Netweaver using SAP WAS

Imagine the 70s in Malaysia, ever heard of programmers whilst your father or grandfather can only think of which to bcome: chef, doctor, lawyer, accountant, engineer or business man.

Actually on Saturday, i work for Jabatan Perukuran Tanah Malaysia in Sri Damansara Division. I measure the land from 12 am till 12pm. Rest for lunch then continue until dinner. Then break for 4 hours and measure the land at night again.

Is sk
y the limit?... Try looking for a job in 70s!

2 arseholes and 1 idiot!

I also do not know why i bother with these two guys...

lee : william can you msn loy and type "angah"
william : ok

* william msn loy *

william : angah
loy : ?

* william msn lee *

william : he said "?"
lee : ignore him

* loy msn william *

loy : type "bang su" to pendek
william : ok

* william msn lee *

william : bang su
lee : hahahahahahahah

* loy msn william *

loy : ignore pendek lar

* lee msn william *

lee : hahahahahahah... ignore him

* william to both *

william : ooi.. stop it lar.. dunno what both of you have done... why go thru me? Luan.

is sky the limit?... yes, only the idiot!

Sniff Sniff - Whoa

Again, just be cautious of the things you say. Here i go again another nude ear squat:

Florence : * watching at the traffic humming to the Yanzi's music *
Me : Dear, were you busy in the hospital? Like going from department to department helping around?
Florence : Why?
Me : Nothing lar, just asking only lar.
Florence : o_O You better tell me ok... u got this knack of asking when something is up. Tell me!Me : no lar... * radar alert - mild *
Florence : Really dear? Tell lar...Me : nothing really... * radar alert - mild *
Florence : * now looking at me *
Me : OK lar... u smelled something when you got into the car... * radar alert - mild *
Florence : Yalor... the library books in the storage smell damp lar... stinky also... hai...
Me : no wonder... * radar alert - stable *

* after a while *

Florence : Ooooh... now you say i smelly lar... huh!... don't want to talk to you... you... bang! bang! bang! boom! boom! boom!

* until reaching home - 15 minutes *

Me : * doing 50 ear nude squats by the house door *

* late night *

Florence : I am going to wash my clothes... i smell hor? Plus i will be a bit longer, woman slow ok?

Me : * gulp * ... hehehe...

Sob Sob Sob...

is sky the limit?... second warning : think before you say!

Chinese New Year Greetings

Dear all ISTL readers,

Another year has come and go (in Chinese Lunar Calendar), we have all worked hard, studied hard, played hard, drink too hard, lazy too hard, holiday too hard. Some of you may have just worked too hard on your company's annual leave for the past three months or so. Here comes another one for us. I would like to wish my friends, buddies, comrades and pals many many happy returns, a prosperous new year ahead, abundance of love, abundance of ang pow, abundance kuaci, abundance of biscuits and Merry Chinese New Year.

Best Wishes,
William Wilstroth

Is sky the limit?... Oh yeah...

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Haiya.. Woman! - at the wrong time, wrong place

Yesterday evening, there was this big Pajero moving very slow in front of us. At first Florence and me thought there might just be another slower car in front of it. So we followed only because i wasn't able to overtake the Pajero. After a few seconds, Florence began to question why in front the car was moving so slow. So i steer my car a bit to my right and found that there were no other cars.

So during the peeping and tailing behind the big bad m*th*rf**ker arse car:

Me: Aiya, why this blardy Pajero move so blardy slow wan?
Florence: Oi.. you watch your language... ayo... maybe in front got another slower car leh...
Me: No lar, only this car. Ayo! Drive faster lar... * the pajero is starting to get on my nerve *
Florence: Ayo... if not when are we going to reach? KL always jam wan...
Me: You know, there are some shit people drive very slow wan like there was this Singh bla bla bla... ...KL drivers really hard to understand. Morning like to jam, evening like to jam. Straight punya jalan macam LDP pun mau jam. Hujan lagi teruk... jam kau kau... See see the opposite cars so slow also... hai!... WOMAN drivers!

* TENG!... BOOOOM! KABOOMMM! * That's it... That's it... i said the wrong thing... * started praying *

Florence: Ohhhh... now you blaming woman lar... yeah yeah, i dunno how to drive, i dunno KL's road, I dunno.. blah blah blah... blah blah blah... blah blah blah... blah blah blah... boom boom boom...

* After 5 minutes of bleeding sorry to her and doing nude squat by the road side... malunya *

Me: sorry ar low poh... sorry ar low poh... sorry ar low poh... hehehehe... won't repeat again...

I just don't know why at the end of the sentence i say "hai!... WOMAN drivers!"... God! why did i say that word?! Argh!!!!!!!!!

Note: This morning, she tormented me with these words for every traffic jam and every cars that cut our place - "hai! Woman hor. low kung?" Sob.. Sob...

Please help me!

Is sky the limit... it will be if you say the wrong thing to your woman.

Du Lan...

If anyone were to ask me how was i doing?

Imaginary Friend : How do you do, William?

me: How do you do?! How dare you ask me this question! Do you know how to write the word DIE?! Don't f**king disturb me! How do you do? Do what? Luan! You want me to tell you shit story is it? How do you do? Do like this lar! What the hell you want? Do.. Do... Do... as though never do in your damn blardy whole life! DU LAN ARGH!

* Debusssshhhhh * Imaginary friend was punch in the face...

Imaginary Friend : Hey man, you don't have to be so violent! What's wrong with you?

Me: DU LAN lar... wanna try my kick? Ask what's wrong? You got problem ar?! What's wrong.. what's wrong... DU LAN lar... DUI! Ptuii!

Imaginary Friend : ok ok...

is sky the limit... well i am having a shit day! Don't disturb me!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

An interview with CEO

Note: some of information in here is purposely put fake in order to protect Dev's privacy. If any girls out there who wishes to meet him please leave your email in this entry. The ISTL management will consider all request before deciding to arrange date with Dev.

Recently, ISTL interviewed a most elligible bachelor of 2006 from Kepong. In this entry, ISTL have included his profile and a recent conversation took part at his place.

Name : Devandran a/l Parameswara
Nick : Dev
Gender : male
Height : 6 feet 3 inches
Weight : 65 Kg
Eyes : Hazel
Hair : Black Wavy short

Occupation :

Position: Manager
Earning : Enough to buy an SUV every four months
Why he like his job : Money, food, Wine and Girls

Contact :

Email :
Phone : 0122822288
Street : 23 Suite Road 23, Esplanade Condominum, Bangsar


Car : Enhanced Wira GTI version with lower suspension and twin nitro booster.
Motorbike : Enhanced Kap Chai Modenas 70cc with twin turbo exhaust pipe.
Jet : in the midst of negotiating with AirAsia for private jet. Hopefully he won't FFK his friends when he get his first jet!


Books : Rich Dad Poor Dad, Get rich in 60 seconds, How to build an Empire
Artiste : Kenny G, A.R. Rahman, Rajini Kant, Aishwarya Rai, Rani Murkejee, Karina Kapoor
Music : Hip Hop ala Bangra
Art : Penthouse, Playboy, Cute 18, 21 College and so on.
Movie : Kahbi kushi Kabhi Gham, Kal Ho Naa Ho, and anything that is Indian or Hindi.
Color : Green and Gold
Smoking : Only selected cigars... dunhill, salem, gudang garang tak nak!
Drinking : Vintage 70s red wine... beer tak nak!
VCD owned : The Pink Pantheress, Pussy Galore, Girl Endeavour, Stargirls Enterprise, Casino Girls Loose All
T-shirts : Anything that is slippery and easy to take off
Undergarment : Playboy, Crocodile


In his recent campaign for Tak Nak rokok, Tak Nak Minum and Tak Nak Lepak had gain much attention world wide. An estimated amount of RM3.5 Billion of donation was collected in conjunction of the campaigns. Part of the donation collected was donated to orphanage, Cancer, AIDS and Leukimia foundation.

During the interview with Dev this is the conversation that took place in his exotic condominium's verandah.

ISTL : Morning Dev, sorry to bother you so early for our interview.
DEV : Its ok mate. No worries, i am just about to wake up for my Teow Cheow Porridge breakfast
ISTL : Sounds healthy, mind if i have one too?
DEV : Sure why not. I'll bring you one.

* Dev walked into his big kitchen and came back with the porridge *

ISTL : Hey, this porridge is good! You cook it?
DEV : Yeah, i cook it. Nowadays, i have to do all these things myself. Being a bachelor, i should start to appreciate it and the time i have. At least, i can learn how to take care of myself. Moreover, i think being know how to cook is good, you know, as a man i just don't want to burden my wife too much.
ISTL : Wife?! you aren't married, are you?
DEV : Not yet. I should have say future wife.
ISTL : I see.

* Dev took back the bowls and sat down at the coffee table to begin the interview *

ISTL : As you see, today's interview is about you being voted as Kepong's top 10 most elligible bachelor and most wanted in Bangsar, Sungei Wang, PJ, Sri Damansara, and Genting. ISTL wants to know what are the most important value as being a bachelor and also the most wanted that you think men out there should have or set as an example?
DEV : Men should be honest, discipline in what he is doing, concentrate and focus is essential. But to a lady, man should learn how to respect and listen to a her. Most important, one should be ambitious
ISTL : What are you doing now with the recognition that you have being the first most elligible bachelor in Kepong?
DEV : I shall strive more harder and try to reach the international level and the globe as far as possible.
ISTL : How you are attracted to ladies?
DEV : With a simple smile and a warmth greeting like "how are you?" usually makes magic.
ISTL : Any plans to settle down in the future?
DEV : Maybe but it all depends on my plan. Essentially, right now, when you read in the newspaper, i am now in the midst of acquiring my fourth company. Therefore, time is quite crucial. I would want to really settle down but still it depends.
ISTL : I understand. But what if she complain about you being too pre-occupied with work?
DEV : Well occasionally she will need to understand my situation but i wouldn't mind having to juggle my time for her too.
ISTL : Do you like kids?
DEV : Yes, I told a potential suitor once that 2 kids (boy and gir) would just do fine but she insisted on having 8.
ISTL : Why 8? What happen to her after that?
DEV : Aiya, the 8 ong mar! But it didn't workout. I just wouldn't want her for one but there are so many trees out there. You know. Being a man, i should leverage my capability and skills. Settling down can stress but when i find the right one i won't want to regret for the second time. So i am still searching.
ISTL : hahahahahahahaha... ok mr DEV, i won't disturb you long. I appreciate your time with us ISTL. We wish you good luck in your acquisition and congratulation as being the most elligible and most wanted. Thank you.
DEV : you are welcome.

is sky the limit... ask Dev

Man, He-Man, Batman, Superman, Spiderman...

What makes a man a real man? Come submit your opinion here.
Is sky the limit... what a man!

The Cucumber

Disclaimer: The story below is fictional for entertaining purposes and it has nothing to do or has any similarities to anyone who has experienced the experience described below.

The story goes like this, a nurse was doing her rounds in a surgical ward. One particular patient scheduled for rectum scoping.

In case you do not know what is rectum scoping, it means using an apparatus of cylindrical tube that is inserted via human anal to clear up one's colon. The cylindrical tube will flush the colon with water. After that anything that is decomposing in the colon will flow out from the anal.

However, this patient's schedule isn't any normal rectum scoping. So at that appointed time, the patient went for the scoping. After a few hours, the patient returned. The nurse again went to check on the patient. She found the patient was quite normal and was walking around normally.

She was a bit curious. Normally, patients who had just undergone scoping will feel the burning sensation from their arse - lar. But this patient was walking around and talking to other patients.

So she got curious and went to see the doctor who performed the scoping.
Nurse #1 : Eh, doctor that patient went for rectum scoping leh...
Doctor : yeah, why?
Nurse #1 : he looks ok wor, can walk and talk wor... scoping not painful one meh?
Doctor : oh that patient... that scoping for him... is not like anyone punya...

* doctor smile sheepishly *

Nurse #1 & #2 : o_O"...
Nurse #1 : Why not like anyone?
Doctor : Special lar... why you so kaypoh ar?
Nurse #1 : no mah... normally, patient go for scoping, cannot tahan wan mar... must lie on the bed wor... but he can walk and talk wor...
Doctor : hahahahahahahahah... ok ok lar.. well, he actually scoping something else lar... hehehehe...
Nurse #1 & #2 : both look at each other...
Nurse #2 : come on tell lar!
Doctor : Sure boh?
Nurse #1 & #2 : Grrrr.... tell lar!

* both hands on the doctor's neck *

Doctor : Ok ok lar... that patient do scoping to take out a cucumber lar!
Nurse #1 & #2 : o_O" ...
Nurse #1 : Eh serious lar... cucumber only mar... come on tell us the truth lar...
Doctor : Not that cucumber like he ate and got stuck lar... but he insert masuk from his anus and the whole cucumber got stuck in there lar!
Nurse #1 & #2 : both laugh histerically!
Doctor : laugh histerically also!
Nurse #2 : Where got people stuff cucumber into their sifat ar?
Doctor : You never know... you never know...
Nurse #1 : For syok lar... what else hor?

Moral: Use what is given and not use what is not intended for...

Is sky the limit... you can try testing the cucumber!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

the Gathering : still vagrant

The cloak guy stopped at the announcement post. He looked up and noticed the blog has been updated. It takes two mountains to plug into the virtual world nowadays. It been a harsh day for him to plug into the Matrix (Internet).

He looked at his watch and it showed 3.37 am. Tuesday, a holiday for him. He switched on his laptop, only to find some friends online. While some to be in good conditions while some not in such a good condition. He sighed and continued searching to see what's happening. Only, some allies were still in good condition. He smiled and open a portal linking to it, trying to maintain the condition. Old and new allies come and go as easy as blowing the dead leaf on the ground.

"Mom, isn't that mo ming chew yan?" An innocent child said to her parents. A fine cute little girl with pony braided hair. A potential agility girl destined to be a pretty lady.

He turned around and smiled to the child. The parents grabbed the child and walked away. He continued his portal and logged into ISTL : E2. What else can he do other than fighting virtually in this portal?

The season of meeting new sensei had begun:

1) the First sensei on Mechanic Machine : 'Young Fresh' - unknown name.
He looked at him and screen his attidude on teaching. Barely, experience enough. All he mentioned was "This is this and that is that, for the deeper knowledge please refer to the book I showned you". "What else do you want to do for the rest of the score? A trip?"

2) the Second sensei on Material Selection : 'New Amateur' - newly wed lady.
She was the last time sensei who taught me the lesson on Solid. The terror awakened again, I must have full concentration to master the lesson. She a tough lady. Two words : Die Hard.

3) the Third sensei on Statistic : 'Experienced' - mid gentleman.
He is a-okay with teaching but what surprised everyone was leniency. He permit everyone to pass up his assignment not too late till the last semester of the year! Happy.

4) the Fourth sensei on Civilization : 'Experienced' - mid gentleman.
He is experienced but also lenient. Close one eye and teach. Perfect.

End of the introduction.

He looked at the time again, still a bit more before he vanish.

It's okay sometimes to lose a few friends in order to gain new friends. This is called the circle of friendship.

Rule no. 1 Frienship shrink
Friendship in all manners will dissipate in time. Rest assure when suddenly, the friend you once know that stood beside you suddenly vanished into thin air. This is all because of several factors: (1) he/she obtained a new deeper relationship, (2) he/she has personal problems e.g. family migration, and (3) he/she has discovered your dark secret e.g. you stink.

Rule no. 2 Backstab
Of all the thing, you thought you are the most honest and sincere. Think again, perhaps, I'm naive. Even the most honest and sincere people do backstab at people, it just the matter of the damages it inflict. However, most backstab do no damage when backstabbing were done on the people they do not know e.g. the third stranger who knows nothing about the target.

Rule no.3 New Connection
More friends are better than more foes. Any objection? (1) You can widen your communication skill. (2) You can analyze different behaviour they treat you. (3) You can relax your worries. (4) Verbal communication can ease a problem. (5) You be able to understand human interaction.

Rule no.4 Golden Rule
Do not be afraid to crack the ice. All humans are born with natural kindness, 99% of all human accept new friends and mutual introduction e.g. "Hi, my name is ... and what's your name?".

The almost end of chapter.
He went to the counter and asked for a single trip ticket for the festival of CNY. He is excited about the coming festival, something awaiting him, the instinct proclaimed. Whatever is it, he only care about the present. He can be said to be a person who leave in the present. Leaving the past behind.

Logged out. - "Perhaps, one fine day..." -

Monday, January 09, 2006


On Saturday, i watched a good old film. (Author: a bit long... don't complain...) I can still remember watching it when i was a kid in primary school. It was good at that time and still it is today. Too bad the actor pass away last few years. He was Superman. Yes, i watched Superman 1 that night. Anyone here remember Christopher Reeve's Superman? It was a classic! Cool too! From the comment i read in the Internet, many commented Superman 1 was the best. The second installement and third installment fair a bit less. Common too at that time for a remake. But now, i think those three installments will now be a classic and legend. No doubt. Everyone likes Superman.

While watching, my mind started to compare Superman 1 with Smallville and i found some similarities: (please feel free to add)

In Superman 1,

1. I realized the girl in the football field talked to Clarke was Lana. Lana was also in Smallville with a bigger role and related to Superman.

2. The bag worn by Clarke running beside the train actually had the word 'Smallville' on it. Smallville is the title that the series is now running. All this while i thought it was Kansas.

3. The young Clarke Kent in Superman 1 worn red shirt. So did the series Smallville had Clarke occasionally wearing red. Well, i must definitely say RED is for Superman.

4. Notice in the opening, Superman's father was Marlon Brando giving trial to three bad guys. Those guys will return in Superman II.

5. In planet krypton, only Superman's family has the 'S' insignia. The rest of the kryptonian have other symbols. I guess each of those represented symbol will play a significant role somewhere else in the comic.

6. The hair of Superman has the 'S' style in front. The new 2006 installment Superman Return does not have that 'S' style. Which hair stylist did that for Christopher Reeve?

7. I noticed Superman was quite an idiot to divulge his information to the news reporter Lois Lane. For a normal guy like me, i would be damn panic and said, "Kanineh, apa lu mau kay poh saja, pigi lar!". Maybe Superman was syok tengok Margaret Kidder (to me, she's not so sexy) in negligee or what you call that see through pyjama. No wonder he is always bulging at his bottom. Don't you notice that? I am not gay.

8. I just can't help looking at Superman's underwear. It's always bulging. It makes me think that he is always on an erection. (look pal, i am on super viagra). Just joking but still it is so visible. Or is it just me? Maybe that is where his "Man of Steel" comes from.

9. Notice that in one of the scene in which Lex Luthor planned to sabotage the XK-01 missile, he had his girl fainted in an accident scene? The soldier who went to call an ambulance was, might be, Dana Harvey who acted in Master Of Disguise.

10. Superman earth's father had heart problem. The only difference is Smallville prolonged his father role. Otherwise, there won't be much to tell in the series.

11. Superman 1 never showed that Lex and Clarke were friends. Was it or did i miss a few words in the movie? Correct me if i am wrong.

12. Notice that in Smallville, in one of the series there was a part in which it told that previous before Clarke there was another Superman. If you relate the incident to Superman 1 why Jor-El (Marlon Brando) chose Earth for Superman to live then you will have that theory arguing Jor-El did went to Earth. That is the reason why Superman were sent to Earth and Jor-El knowing that his son will have super powers.

Any great Superman idols or fans out there?

Is sky the limit... i see a bird, i see a plane... its Superman!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Exotic food for breakfast...

This morning we had a wonderful breakfast. As usual i had my favourite of the season Rawa Thosai with chutney paste and dhal. It was delicious. But the most wonderful breakfast is not Rawa Thosai but another type. Here is the wonderful meal description (might be a bit long... don't complain!):

Abeer was wondering what to eat. This Indian guy recommended him a "Bombay Doos" or "Bombay Doss" something like that... lar. Both of us like wow wee! Never heard of it and new to us. Therefore i told Abeer to give it a try. The Indian waiter happily went ahead with the order. So while we waited, we discuss how it would look like.

First discussion:
Something long, oblong, roti, maybe some margarine and kaya and an egg. Also serve with chutney.

Second discussion:
Something tall, like pyramid, layered with peanut butter and chocolate cream and serve with fish curry.

Third discussion:
Something spongy layered with cumin seeds, choppped onions in it, cut potatoes with gravy, and layered with cheese and strawberry. Serve with chutney, chillie chutney, fish curry and mayonaise.

Fourth discussion:
Something roti of squarish and filled with cut potato, salad, some belacan and serve with cheese papa-dam.

Finally, both of us got the surprise:
A piece of French-toast fried with butter.

o_O" Both of us were like, 'WTF!'

As simple as that, this restaurant's menu called it 'Bombay Doos' or 'Bombay Doss' whatever it is. It sounds so exotic and exquisite with the name Bombay and then the Doss or Doos. In the end, a piece of french toast with butter and cost RM0.80. I wonder what other names are there out there for food. How about Kanineh Fiery (char kuey teow). Yo man.. respect for food!

I don't care, my Maggi mee with egg will call Malaysia Delight.

Is sky the limit... no, try Malaysia Boleh!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The New Vagrant : Crude_Hasting

The new stranger has came to town with his laptop, he lurked around and found a place to hibernate : ISTL - Episode 2.

"Hmm, what a strange place for me to lodge?"

As people flocked around, "Who the heck is he?"

"Fear not, people, for I, the Mo Ming Chew Yan, will bring light to those who needs my help!"

[Applaused from the crowd!]

"Ooooh, the saviour of the soul has reached our town!"

[Another applause!]

He, has done it again, leaving an unknown name in another place for others to question. Was he a special guest? or perhaps, he's the spy sent by the demon? or perhaps, he's the One?

He shall reappear sooner than you blink. For the time being, please enjoy a cup of Latte..

Hi i am Ah Beng...

Just now i had a meeting with the company's VP and we were introduce to a customer care consultant. We were told that she did not know many of the people in the sea of cubicle. So each of the delivery team begin their humble introduction. I was wondering what will be the best way to introduce yourself.

Hi my name is Beng, Chau Ah Beng. I am a chef ABAPer and have been working for two years and i am glad to work in this glorious working environment. I work for 5 days a week wok-ing char kuey teow and make roti canai, tandoori, roti naans, nasi goreng ayam, kari ayam, teh tarik for the bosses customers doing ABAP tickets. I work non stop at night like any mamak stall. I will sit in my cubicle and think of the good recipies solving problems and recommend to employees customer. Some customer will issue me an order so i will start my wok and use my spatula to start frying i will open my pc. If i fried my food too black means my mood is black. If i fried my food too light means i am very happy. If i fried my food that is good to eat than you are lucky that i am in a good behaviour. Nice to meet you.

Would you think i really did that? A bit i guesss...

is sky the limit... My name is Kong, King Kong. Nice to meet you.. uuh... uuh...

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Having a great time...

Ah beng : Eeeerrrrrrrrrkkk... grrrr....
Ah beng : Eeeeeeeeehhhhhhh.... ahhh... kanineh (oh my god!)...
Ah beng : Eeeeeaaarrrkkk...grrrrrr...uuuuhhhrrrrr.... * -- Prattttt! -- *
Ah beng : eeeeee... ahhh... eeerrrrkkk... ahhh....
Ah beng : Arrrrggggghhhhhhhhh...eeeerrrrkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
* -- Tuummm! -- *
Ah beng : Aaahhhhh... syok... beh tahan... syok ahhhhhh...
* -- toilet flushing -- *
Sky is not the limit... did you had a great one?