Saturday, October 28, 2006

The kid with twisted ID...

It's morning, I turned on the radio and the g*ddam Dj broadcast on how to survive when suddenly an important airwave interrupt the channel.

He looked outside and what he saw was a big explosion with the clouds like nuclear bomb. It was indeed a nuclear explosion...

[Heavy effects with a little music.]

The title appeared : "Jericho"

[The story started with a few people running skelter - helter everywhere to find shelter.]

This was the latest series that I'm watching lately. It was interesting with full of mystery and hanging lines. Well, I was hoping a few zombies to appear but in vain.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Twisted Thoughts : The world and you alone Part 2

This is the continuation of my twisted mind from the past entry. It continues. After a week of sleeping and ravaging of food, you decided you wanted something different. Strange as it sound, you want fish and you want meat. That night, restful and dreamless, you woke up to a fresh morning. The alarm rang. It was so loud that it will wake up the people below. Yes, the people. The people who once lived below you do no longer exist. The earth has decided to vanish its inhabitant except one, you, many years ago. You still asked that question of why you exist.

You pack and made haste. You peeped through the door's hole as though you think there will be something out there waiting to snatch you. No, it is just still and silent. You open the door and walked out. The sky is as blue as the sea. It was a bit windy. Again you looked to the opposite of the house and found the same old rusted car stood where it is. You still have your memory on the late owner washing it. You ignored it and this time turned the other way to head to the largest mall in your town.

As you walked up the lane, you saw an old police car crashed onto a lawn. The police car is filled with rose. Mrs. Thorn's rose has crept all over it. As you walked past, you had a glimpsed of its interior content. There were a radio, a mobile computer and a shot gun. You just walked on. The lake as it seems as still as ever. The cloud above is reflecting on it as a ghost. Still and very calm. No birds flew and no airplane, even helicopters. A few rustles of newspaper flew past your path. It was news of yesterday. You still remember when it was hard done on every election of the town. Now it just plain quiet. A few banners and poster stood wasting in front of you.

Now you reach a petrol station. Had it ever wonder to you that you might just go up, press a button on the cashier machine to start filling up your car? Yes you do. You can do it later. The petrol obviously is all yours. No worries of price increasing or decreasing. It is there. Imagine the whole world of petroleum just lay there untouched since the last disappearance. You grab a few chocolate bars before continuing to the mall.

As you near the mall, the weather changed, it had become ready to fell rain. It did. It petered rain from the road up to the sky. It had done so each time since the start of the disappearance. The rain just went up to the sky. It never comes down. The sky will be so filled it just turned white. You quickly ran to the mall entrance. You could feel the rain sliding up your body and your face. You don't feel wet at all. It just goes up. All of it.

However it always left puddle of water and when the sun comes out, you will see little droplets of water vaporizing upwards into thin air. If you manage to feel it with your hands you will feel the sensation of heat caressing your palm. It’s nice. Very nice. Little wonder why it occurs in such manner. It will be a good for researchers. I doubt if the research center is working now. The last disappearance, yes, it is always the last disappearance that says this.

Nevertheless, you stop admiring the rain and walked into the big silent mall. The day event of the mall was left as it is before the last disappearance. The air conditioning is still running. The lights are lighted. Some video stores had its television sets showing static though now no more broadcasting. Just static. You walked along the stores at ground floor. You told yourself you could grab anything you like. The DVD sets, the washing machines, the sofa sets, the fridge, the home theatre, the clothing, the books and all of it. It’s left there and untouched. The previous sales promotion tags were still hanging there. It still read 50% discount. You grinned, 'yeah right, you grabbed a jacket and a cap'. You looked at the mirror. Perfect, you muttered.

You walked around. You reached a perfume shop. You looked at it. You grinned again. 'Why not', you just snap your fingers and you walked in. DKNY, CK and loads more, it’s yours. You grabbed a few. As you left you just told yourself to leave some for next time. Good isn't it. It’s all the last disappearance that had left all this open for grab, by you alone. Now you are heading up to the first floor to a book store. You entered it. The books were neatly left stacked in its bookshelves. Just the way, again, before the last disappearance. You took a few books and went out. Surprisingly the sensor was still working. It blared loudly. You wondered why previous shop it did not blared the alert. You looked around still scared as if a security were come to you. You waited about a minute. Still nothing happen. You just walked away. After a few shops away, the alert just stops. 'Was it someone who stops it?’ you quizzed yourself. Probably, the security office does have someone still exist to monitor him. You waved at the camera. The camera did not turn at all.

You went to the nearest information booth to check up on the mall's security office. It was on the ground floor. You ran down. It was tiring. The escalator was no longer accessible. You reached it. It was still left open. 'Good', you murmured with heavy breath after all those running. You looked around and shouted, 'Hello'. No one answer you. You go into the surveillance room. All the television monitoring the mall just displayed static. No one is here. You walked out of it and headed to the first floor again. You pass through a few shops selling lingerie. You admired it for a while. 'It’s just me, I might grab one if I have a her', you smiled at yourself. The lingerie shop was left untouched. You walk further.Is sky the limit... the silent mall of fortune...

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is sky the limit... the silent mall of fortune

Saturday, October 21, 2006

The missing article : Second Island (Part 1)

[A missing article from the mysterious man.]

On the 29 of August (Wednesday) night, Crude Hasting boarded a KUiTTHO bus and traveled to Terengganu.

It was a debate field trip consisted of 12 people including high and junior ranking debators. All were excited and anticipated for the event in Pulau Perhentian Besar.

-After 8 hours.
The party reached Kuala Besut after 2 hours of zip-zapping and lost™ in Kuala Besut to find the jetty. As the party reached their destination, the party leader looked for Flora Bay Resort to confirm their departure. Flora Bay resort was actually an old sacked building which looks like pirates' hut.

"Aargh, anyone grog?"

Then upon looking around the town at the jetty, it was indeed looked like Silent Hill™ except with residents so it's a hybrid of Silent Hill™ and Resident Evil™.

-After confirmation.
Everyone stomach started to play the drum and roared like bad drummer.

[Music started]

The party leader started to hunt for food with only 45 minutes before the boat leave jetty. The party leader, well, he's not a good decision maker. He brought the whole team around the town but still can't decide what to eat. Just by walking around the town, 15 minutes gone. When the decision arrived, 30 minutes gone. 10 minutes later the food arrived and left 5 minutes for food. Everyone turbocharged with the food. Good leader...

-The interesting part.
We had to pay for the food so we called the young waitress over there. The first thing she asked was "Suku - suku?" Everyone blurred and was wondering was she said. All were stunned and Crude knew something was familiar with that language like a pirate. He replied "Liki-liki?" Everyone on the table laughed. Well, actually, she was asking in Terengganu slang, "Pay individually?".

-Leaving the jetty.
The party left the port and to the Island! This whole sailing took another 30 minutes plus. As we were closer to the destination, we saw two islands... The Perhentian Kecil and Perhentian Besar. Our island to pillage is Perhentian Besar!

"Aye, captain!"

Sorry, skip out the word: pillage.

-Reaching the shore.
Our bags were taken to land with a sampan while we dock at the jetty. At last stood in front of Crude was the BIG VIEW of Pulau Perhentian Besar! Everyone was assigned to their respective rooms. Crude shared it with a senior and a junior plus a HEP guy. (HEP = Student Affair Administrator). Everyone bunked in their bags and started to explore the island. Some plunged into the water while some jogged around the island while the others strolled along the beach before the schedule for the debate start later....

While for Crude, he prefered to enjoy the view of the Island than debating...

[the half part was torn out.. stay tune...]

Why is the blogger "darn" slow? 3 sec delay!

It's so frustrating to log in and write the blog wihout seeing "sorry, there is a problem on the server" or while I'm typing there will be a delay and if I press del, a 3 second delay will happen!!

Even as I'm typing this, there will be a 3 second delay! Bastard...!!!

Me : "Bingung"

Poor little kitten

It's been long since the scourge of the ISTL mysterious man appeared. It's been awhile since he's gone. People started to live on their life and forgotten the existence of this guy. However, before the memory of this guy elapse, he emerged once again before the very eyes of the people for sky isn't the limit.

[Sounds of thunder roaring and clapping.]

Time reversed.
Now, I be bringing the audience back to the day yesterday. Fainted hearted or animal lover shouldn't be reading this.

Yesterday, a wet evening as the rain just stopped. It was dinner time and it was time to forage food from a nearby restaurant. My friend and I decided to take the bike to the place. Not long, as soon as we reached the road to the place, long stretch of vehicles jammed on the very narrow road.

Me and my friend : ???

I expertly swirled my motor through the stationary vehicles stucked on the road. Poor them. Everyone wants to get through. In fact that road is a very "kampung" which seldom see cars pack like sardines in a tin can.

As I swirled closer to the source of the heavy traffic, both of us saw what was devastating and cruelty happend in the middle of the road. A poor kitten head was crushed by a vehicle and the poor kitten was suffering and tormented by the pain inflicted. If it was an instant dead, it be much less sympathy felt but what was agony, was the fact that the kitten screaming in pain in the middle of the road! Stupid driver! It was a hit and run!

Me and my friend : Felt so sad and sympathy. Lost our hungers and felt so sorry for the kitten.

Life is so fragile.

Hmm, I wonder what happened to the kitten after that?

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

What on earth am i writing now? ... No idea...

After she read my two entries before this,

Wife : * whack 9 my head * What the hell are you writing?
Me : hehehehe… some of my weirds thought….

Wife : Go iron my uniform!
Me : ok ok…

Is sky the limit… go iron baju!

Twisted Thoughts : The world and you alone Part 1

Note : Long winding thoughts. Read on if you are only interested...

My mind is twisted again today. Lets imagine again today that you are again alone in the world. You woke up, you brush your teeth, washed your face, changed into your day clothes and get ready to leave your house. Only this time, your house door looked very heavily locked and secured from the outside world. You looked around your house to ensure that there is no break in. Your barricaded windows are intact and no signs of breaking. You peeped outside. No one or anything is out there. You unlock your door and slowly crept outside. It was windy and still no signs of human. You looked around again. It was like a deserted place. Your opposite neighbor who used to come out to clean his car was not there anymore. The car was left there. There were no kids running around or playing. No voice but just the howling of the wind. This had happened. Everyone just disappeared one day.

You walked to the nearest convenience store to get your usual supply. Along the way, you hear the clanking of old tin cans, or the sound of swing blown by the wind. You ignored it. You continued to walk to the store. You had your IPOD, but those songs had been many years ago. No new songs or albums had been produced ever since the disappearance. Radio and televisions no longer broadcasting and the whole world had just stopped or stalled. You looked anxiously around for signs of living. Cats and dogs used to stray the street too but now no longer. You wonder where they had gone. You passed by a few clothing shops. You had took a few pieces of branded jeans and t-shirts from the last shop at the other corner of your house. Neither cashier to ask you for payment nor you have to go to the nearest ATM to take money. You just take whatever you wanted. You have taken a few tin cans of food from the shelve just the other day. Poultry supplies had ran out almost many years ago. Only left are canned food. Today you are planning to take a few bottle of wines and a few more varieties of canned food.

Some old magazines were left at the magazine stands. Those were already old and probably you had read many times. Never mind the magazines you thought and went grabbed a few DVDs from the entertainment shelve and tucked all into your backpack. ‘I think that should be enough for the week’, I said to yourself. You looked around. Sometimes the places looked creepy and eerie. Creepy because there was everyone had disappeared one day. Eerie because you felt there were still people watching behind you. There were times you wanted to cry and shouted madly at night sat on top of your house. It just stayed quiet and after a while you went down, locked all doors and went to sleep. It was too quiet.

Grasses in the lawn outside are always the same. It won’t grow. It just remained the same. Lake waters were still and even though how hard you threw a stone on it there is no ripple. It just drop down beneath the lake. There is no sound of splashing. It just dropped. You tried to feel the lake once but it was just dead cold. You looked away and see the sky. It was getting darker now. You walked home. Its strange at every evening, the street lamps will always lit up. Without fail, it will lit up on its own as though the electrical company is still working. You once went there to check out if there are still people. Unfortunately, it was empty. The street lamps were run automatically by machines. At least, these machines are some that is still working.

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Is sky the limit… you are alone in this world.

Twisted Thoughts : A long Corridor

I am in this place long before you were born and you were dead. I walk along the long corridor filled with doors to be unlock and open for exploration. It is always one lane and doors are always on each side. There are many names and each of it has description of the person below it. Sometimes names repeated itself but the description will be different.

There was once I walked into one person’s door and I found it was so beautiful and many butterflies fluttering all over the garden. The smell of lavender and the sky is blue and a rainbow over it. At the end of the garden, there was a girl playing with her parents. They looked happy. All of them smiling and talking happily to each other. I closed the door.

Then not long I saw a name with a crossed mark on it. It was the mark that only the ones who done wrong will have it. So I opened the door to see what wrong doing that this person has committed. It smelled so bad and there were women screaming. It was dark and there were many pitiful eyes starring at me. At the far end, a silhouette of a person sat alone with both his hands on his head as though deep in thoughts. He kept on muttering, ‘I’m sorry’. This room is filled with sorrow. I just closed the door and walked on. ‘Bless the many souls that he had hurt’, I said quietly.

Sometimes, the long corridors I walked will changed colors. Colors are always either blue and red. If I walked into a red corridor it will always meaning those doors that I am about to see are either war victims or war perpetrators. Not a nice thing to see at all. I had once stumbled upon a poor girl through one of those doors. She had the most saddest eyes and she had a hand held up upon me. I touch her. She smiled at me. I know I have touched her. Sometimes the doors I opened and touched the person in it, it will transfer to the blue corridor. Sometimes it won’t.

Is sky the limit… the long corridor

Friday, October 13, 2006

An interest and a future for decision making

Note : Long entry from me. I know I am a bit long winded.

Its the end of the year soon and many students (SPM and STPM) will be searching for a college or university to pursue their higher education. Now the big question is,

"Which bachelor degree do you intend to take?"

There will be a lot of education fair to educate and promote their course to students. However, which course is suitable for you after your SPM or STPM? This is the question you should ask yourself.

Here is a story i would like to share. After my SPM, i flew to Australia to begin my Foundation Years so i could do my Accouting Degree. However, my degree turned out to Information Technology Degree. So what happen in the middle of the story? I took interest in IT.

Many of us have our dream course and dream career. Now why do i say this? Simple. You get a degree so you could land yourself the job you want. HOwever, that doesn't happen all the time. I am not saying it won't happen but you must be prepared to work hard for it. I have friends who studied one degree but turned out doing something else after their graduation. When i asked them why the switch they told me the degree is just to fulfill someone or some personal objective. To fulfil personal objective is still quite fine but not doing the things supposed to be associated to the degree? Why not just straight do the thing you like and get a degree later. Or do the degree that you like. There will be many reasons but student should choose what they want to do. I know sometimes student's aim is to study a certain degree but they are turned down by the university (in the case of public university). However, students should not get worried because of that. They should look for alternative. Some are given the opportunity and some are lack the opportunity to do it. However, student still should not give up.

I remembered my dad used to ask me if i have chosen the course i wanted to do. When i eventually say the word yes the next question pop up.

"Is there a market required for this degree?"

In other words, this question meaning can a student find a job with this degree. This is another factor that you need to consider. Not just because that degree is trendy and everyone is taking it. What is the point if you take up a trendy degree and at the end of the day you cannot secure yourself a job. Students have to understand that obtaining degree is the starting point for them to work and start earning. Meaning also less dependent from the family. Able to move forward and go up the ladder too. However, all is not at end. Looking for a degree that market demands can be quite tough because you should also consider your interest. Here comes the next question.

"Do you like this course?"

If all ends with a no. Why do you want to take up a subject you don't like. You know you won't like it and even failing it. Yes, the degree is high in demand in the market but will you like the course that you will need to endure for 3 to 4 years? The expectation to perform and the pressure to finish assignment that you are struggling to cope while interest is not there is wasting time. At the end of the day, you will be feeling tired and started to have the feeling of redoing another course. As a result, money and time is wasted. Yes, i do have friends who gone through this. Including myself. However, i wasn't so bad. I took interest in IT when i started my Accounting first two semester before i make the jump. No doubt, today is the world of degrees. Unless you are a boss yourself then i have nothing to say.

The more conservative decision will be obtaining the degree that could earn loads of money. The more daring decision will be your interest to learn. Now let me tell you. No matter how the degree you choose you should always consider all this factors because you do not want to regret it later in your life. You do not want to force yourself to take a degree just because it can earn money but you don't have interest in it. However, in reality, who doesn't want a degree that earn money. In another reality, of all the things i learnt while pursuing my degree, not all has been applied in my work. All of it purely interest to learn (or you can call it working experience) and move further. Money will come eventually. The most important things is your interest. You cannot read a book by forcing yourself.

is sky the limit... choose a degree you are interest to pursue!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

A Random Chat... Nothing in Relation...

Juan : willi sys must hire this fellow
Me : tiu lar... that guy has been award one of the 7 Microsoft Pioneer

Juan : so wat?
Me : u want me to hire him... use what? buttock hole ar?

Juan : he will be interested to be Willi Sys Pioneer
Me : hahahaha...

Juan : yo...tat time i hope u will be a good boss... i mean it's ok rite if i bring my dog to google?
Me : yah, i will be a good boss... i will bond everyone 3 years... and pay them RM1800 per month... no bonus... no increment... Dogs?! U think here is zoo ar? Pay you to work or pay you to jaga your dog... better jaga my dog then!

Juan : and u will build swiming pool... tennis court
Me : Yes, i will build a cubicle for you and add the bill to your bond... so if you leave before the bond ends... i can collect more money from you

Juan : football field... gym...?
Me : football field... gym... in your dreams... you can only get a field of work which must be done in 8 hours... otherwise stay back! You better dun get sick also... cos i will only pay your claim when you resign...

Juan : hahahahahaha...
is sky the limit... who wants to work for me... ? come lar...

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Me Being Lecturer... on the other hand!

Note : This is not for the faint hearted... please go away if you are a student... but i am also not a lecturer... hahahahaha... some fragments of my imagination!
Many times Padme had say that I will be the worse lecturer. Well, if a lecturer is not cruel and biased to student then where is the fun in learning. Imagine, you go to the lecturer but he, being lecherous, favor to help girls more than guys, what would you think? Hatred and anger and you name it. A fair and respectable lecturer would be too strict on the assignments and giving marks, this makes student’s life hard too. On one hand, if a lecturer is lenient and is helpful then your assignments will be so easy and less challenging. Then what is the point in learning. I think my stand as being a lecturer will be suitable. However, lets twist and turn my role as a lecturer:

Scene 1 : A beautiful babe student walks in…

Babe student : Hi Sir, are you free?
Me : Yeah… what do you want?

Babe student : Its about the assignment you gave yesterday.
Me : Yeah… so… * admiring her from top to bottom *

Babe student : I don’t know how to go about it… I was thinking if I can discuss with you…
Me : Oh… which body part you need me to assist… ?

Babe student : Oh part b and c… quite difficult
Me : part your bottom b … go read chapter 8… part c… …after reading chapter 8… you should be stimulated very fine with it…

Babe student : But chapter 8 is so thick… is there any other way?
Me : yeah… come to my apartment tonight and wear as less as possible there is another solution… do you remember the lecture on Wednesday?

Babe student : Oh no.. I can’t remember…
Me : Come sit on my lap and I help you to refresh you. After we are finish, you will be fresh about your memory. Here take this lecture notes.

Babe student : what?! that thick ar…
Me : Yes, I am 6 inches and very very very thick... Abuthen, do you want to pass or not?

Scene 2 : A male student student enters,

Male student : Sir are you…
Me : Yes yes… I am free for you.. come in… come…. What do you want?!.... how can I help you handsome?

Male student : Your assignment you gave yesterday…
Me : Don’t know or know, handsome?

Male student : Err… I think I ….
Me : Don’t fidget there… come! sit next to me, handsome… sit here close close… I won’t bite you wan… come… come… sit… sit, handsome… I show you!... wah your body is tough… got do body building ar? I like guys with big chest… come lar… dun malu malu…

Male student : *_____ * “”””
Me : eh, this office not suitable to discuss… have you ever heard of BrokeBack Mountain ar? Wanna go there with me? We can discuss…

Male student : Its ok sir, I can do it myself… * Quickly fled my room *
Me : EH! COME BACK LAR… DON”T DO IT YOURSELF LAR… DON”T BE SHY LAR!!! Haiya… young men nowadays so shy… not like the olden days…

Me : Hehehehehe… I love my job… oh yeah… * return to blogging *

So Padme, is this much better for me as a lecturer?

Is sky the limit… I am a lecturer… you visited BrokeBack Mountain ar?

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Oh... reading blogs ar... what jiao again?

One day I went to my friend’s house...

Ah Lick : * busy reading – wave his hand at me *
Me : Wah… you busy doing assignment ar?

* I walked over *

Me : What assignment you doing lar?
Ah Lick : No lar, just reading some blogs…

Me : Which blog you are reading now? * I looked at his screen – that blog look so familiar *
Ah Lick : nothing lar… rojakz, drliew, kukujiao, tiger’s den lar… then MichaelOoi… but now all his entry filled with his baby…

Me : wait… wait… what did you say just now… what jiao again?
Ah Lick : Kukujiao.... you know...

Me : oh… * that’s earl-ku * - * My god, of all names… *
Ah Lick : * he Alt-Tab to earl-ku’s blog *

Me : I see… I see... so do you have your own blog ar?
Ah Lick : No lar… I only like reading… like this blog… Is Sky The Limit : Episode 2… not bad… quite good also…

Me : Really boh?!
Ah Lick : Really… but sometimes very long…

Me : I see… * now I know why that blog is so familiar *
Ah Lick : You got blog ar?

Me : No lar… No lar... I gotta go, Ah Chee calling…
Ah Lick : * Back to reading blogs *

Geez… kembang a bit lar… Hehehehehe… if you found out that this is my blog… yeah, I lied… Is Sky The Limit : Episode 2 is my blog… hehehehe…

Is sky the limit… no wonder it looked so familiar…

Your two biji down there, right?

Last two days, my wife and I had our dinner at Kentarki Frai Chee Ken. The Buka Puasa Set comes with a small cup of ice-cream and another small muffin. So two sets were bought. After finished, I took home two small biji muffins. These two biji muffins were left in the car after that.

During the climb to our cave,

Low poh : Your two biji are down there, right?
Me : Hehehehe… yes, my two biji are down there… hehehehe…

Low poh : Oi… I mean the muffins… hahahahahahahahahahaha… eeeeeee….

Well, if my two biji are not down there then where might it be?… hehehehe…

Is sky the limit… yes, my two biji are down there…