Friday, July 28, 2006

First Malaysian SAP SDN Member on SAP World Map!

Bangga Dan Kembang! First Malaysian SAP Developer Network Member in SAP World Map!

is sky the limit... oh yeah... sky is sure not the limit... hahahahaha...

Thursday, July 27, 2006

100 Things Man Should Learn From MeiTheMeow

Recently, i got to know one blog, owned by Mei, and found one of her entries very veli interesting. In that entry, there was a list of things, or should i say guidelines, that a man should learn.

Of that 100 items in the list, there is one that seriously caught my attention:

22. If you want more sex, tell your girl an attractive woman hit on you
that day. Sixty percent of the time, it works every time.

Is sky the limit... hmm... let me see if there any leng luis around... hehehehe...

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I was conned RM660.85 - Part 2

Here is my continuation ordeal on my whole weekend. It is so tormenting and I am still suffering from this whole devilish incident.

Boss of the restaurant came out with his hood from the kitchen after one waiter went to inform him about our incident.

Boss: You don’t want to pay?
Me: Not that I don’t want to pay but its RM660.85. My order is not that and your cashier believe some stranger who claimed to be my sister included their meal in my bill. All total to RM660.85. My god its almost RM700!

Boss: You got to pay!
Me: Well, I am not paying for this bloody amount! You can call the police!

Boss: So you think you can get away with this?
Me: Yes, I am right. I will only pay for the portion I am held accountable.

* Police arrived *

After another half an hour of discussion with the owner, police and me, I was told

Police: I’m sorry, the culprit is gone. Food has been served and consumed and the culprit is gone too. Now that the bill has been charged, you might just settle the bill. We can’t do much about it.

Me: WTF?

After minutes later, I just signed the whole damn receipt with my credit card.

Me: Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. RM660.85 of dinner… Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… Arghhhhhhhhhhh…


Wife: Oi! Oi! You bising bising buat apa?! Kacau orang tengok Korean drama… Tidor pun bising… Makan pun bising… Pangsai pun bising! Apa you tak bising? Huh! Huh!...
Me: Hehehehe… I was dreaming, low poh…

Wife: Dream! Dream! Only eat and sleep like a pig… what you dream?
Me; I dream I got conned RM660.85 lar… we went to seafood restaurant and one girl claimed to be my sister told the cashier that I will be paying for her mar… then this receipt I signed with credit card… I lost RM660.85…

Wife: PLEASE LAR… dream lost RM660.85 only mar… there are people got conned more than you lar… ar cheh! Lost RM660.85 also want to scream. Dah lar hari hari kiamsap… tidor pun mau kiamsap… PIIIGI lar!
Me; sob sob… sorry sorry… I go back to sleep…

Thank god, it is just a dream. I am so relieved. Kiamsap? No lar, I am not kiamsap… er, maybe I am kiamsap. Hehehehehe…

Is sky the limit… just dreaming only...

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I was conned RM660.85 - Part 1

I was conned RM660.85 from a lady who accused she was my sister. I was so pissed off and now I am having Cintan Mee for dinner. Here is my story:

I was going to have my dinner with my wife who was there waiting for me. That night we intended to have crabs, prawns and some oysters. Yes, it was my wife’s idea to have seafood in the afternoon. After my meeting, I rushed straight to that place. Upon reaching the place, I found the place not so crowded and took my seat.

Dinner started and crabs, prawns, oysters, and fish were brought to our table. Suddenly, a beautiful girl came to our table. Both my wife and she greeted and started chatting. I thought she must be my wife’s friend because she was talking to her; laughing and talked throughout the meal. Not before long, the guest left and so we continued our dinner.

At the cashier, the receipt showed to me was amount RM660.85! I was immediately freeze and I just could not looked away from amount. It was so expensive! I looked backed at the cashier and asked if this receipt from my table. She nodded her head. I could not believe our dinner cost this much. Bloody. I immediately looked over the items billed in the receipt.

Me: * scanned scanned * eh, I did not order abalone or shark fin soup, and then this sea cucumber and mud crab king… plus those bottles of Heineken… can you just check again?
Cashier: No, the girl who sat with your wife and you just now said you
will pay for their meal…

Me: WTF?! Say that again! Which girl you see I told to charge into my bill?
Cashier: Sir, are you trying to not to pay this? Please pay, it was she who told you that you are her brother and will pay for her dinner…

Me and wife: WTF?! I don’t have a sister… your sister is in Labuan… WTF?!

* I got panic *

Cashier: Please pay up!
Me: * WTF who in the right mind will bring RM600 for one stupid dinner * It must be the lady you talked to. * I looked back at my wife *
Wife: No, I thought it was your friend. She said HI and started talking and I thought you knew her.

Me: *_* … * Please someone help me! I am seeing stars *

Cashier: Sir, if you don’t pay up I will call the police.
Me: Hey, its true that she is not my sister. You call the police? I also call the police.

Is sky the limit… to be continue

Friday, July 21, 2006

2.0.4 to 2.0.5 ISTL Support Upgrade

Hi Readers,

ISTL : Episode 2 has just been upgraded from version 2.0.4 to version 2.0.5.

Items upgraded are as following:

1. RSS feed from ISTL : Technical blog into ISTL : Episode 2 so readers can get the latest update on my latest technical feed for SAP R/3 : ABAP works.

Hope you enjoy this technical blog and do also provide some technical feedback on my entries.

Thank you.


ISTL Management

is sky the limit... upgrades 2.0.4 to 2.0.5

Thursday, July 20, 2006

My most remembered piece of joke... written out for fun!

The very last time i had an endeavour with Cosmoblogger was a year ago when she was still in my company (now that she is in Singapore) i created one piece of joke and sent it to everyone. She put it in her blog... kembang lar at that time... here is the recap of the entry:

Dear Customer,

I know that you had bought a software from our company, Software Husband version 1.0. You told us that once you have installed this software all other programs and files are either converted or not active anymore. In fact, this is an Operating System that will override any other operating system, system files and other programs like Boyfriend Flirt 2.1, Boyfriend Explorer 3.1 and etc.

Software Husband version 1.0 lets you get more advance features in Kitchen Management System and even improve your Cooking Library and Developer Network. Our design from the technical team acknowledges your concern. Our team said that it is our product feature and behavior.

When you finish installing, below are the following features Software Husband 1.0:

1. Shopping Spree Management & Monitoring Console 1.0

2. Women's Nightout
Management & Monitoring Console 1.0

3. Credit and Financial Control 1.0 (Optional if there is external Cash Memory)

4. Kitchen Management System & Upgrades

5. Cooking Library and Developer Network (CLDN)

6. Home and Environment Management System 1.0

7. Kids and Baby Supervision System 1.0

8. Laundry Management System 1.0

Beside that, you will also get a new tool:

6. Hierarchical Family Planning and Development Tool

Feature 6 is for love, child planning and development and it is a great feature coz it has a lot of design and patterns and styles for you to use with Software Husband 1.0.

Feature 6 is a core tool that comes with the package.

Regardless of all the above feature, you should be aware that you are only entitle to one Software Husband 1.0. Licensing fees is included in the Software Matrimonial Package. It is for life and guaranteed but you are advice to get the Husband Antiviral Software to protect him from sickness.

For you information, our company is having an upgrade right now. Here are the list of available upgrades you can select over time:

1. Software Husband Enterprise 1.1

2. Software Husband Professional 1.1

3. Software Husband Home Edition 1.1

4. Software Husband Extended 1.1

5. Software Husband for Student Edition 1.1 (This is only available if you are studying Home Sciences. Please present your Engagement card when purchasing)

Please Do Not Make Copies of your Software Husband 1.0.

Uninstalling this software requires Matrimonial Functional Consultant.

P/s: Add/Remove Program in your System does not have the Software Husband 1.0 icon. The system does not allow manual removal.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

Software Husband Inc. 2005
Original letter composer: William aka wilstroth

This original copy of my joke written and published can still be found in her blog

is sky the limit... bringing out some old created jokes from jasmine aka cosmoblogger

Monday, July 17, 2006

You work... I also work... SO?

There is one entry which I posted in May regarding my breakfast being interrupted by a very persistent salesperson who really made me so tulan. Last week on Friday it happened again. This was in the Amcorp Plaza parking opposite the Taman Jaya LRT station.

Promoter/Salesboy or anything lar : Mr! Mr! * came running up to me with his hand waving *
Me: * was getting ready to pack my stuffs into the trunk *

PSOA : Mr! Mr! Hi how are you? * smiling so wide *
Me: Yes?

PSOA : Do you know xxx... * before he could finish *
Me: No thank you, I am not interested.

PSOA : No, I am not selling you things so want to let you know if you know anything... * before he could finish *
Me: No, I am not interested and I don't want to know...

* In fact, i know what is he about to say because there is this girl who had talked to me from their same group. In fact, i recognized this guy's face too... *

PSOA : Mr, Don't lar like that... i am not selling you anything... i just want you to know XXX if you can just... * before he could finish *
Me: No, I am not interested. Go find someone else...

* This guy is blocking my way and i need to get into the driver's seat...

PSOA : No lar Mr, i am not selling you anything... just want to let you know...
Me: * Holding one mineral water up and pointing at him * hey you, I said only once, I AM NOT INTERESTED... grrr.... * I looked at him angrily *

PSOA : ok ok... don't lar get so angry... i am just trying to earn a few dollars... you working... i working...
Me: F**k you.... you working... your problem... i working... none of your f**king business... everybody is working and getting screwed... you working so what? get lost or i call the police...

PSOA : Dun lar get angry... hehehe... just want to promote...

* I threw down my backpack on the floor that instant and grabbed my umbrella readied to swing at him *

Me: What!!! What the f**k you want to tell!? huh? huh? Come nearer to me... Come! What?! Come lar closer to me!

PSOA : ok ok... * he moved away *
Me: * started my car engine and swerved off *

Shit man... i just had a long tiring day in the PIKOM's fair and my shoulder slung with a heavy notebook and my own backpack. Plus the long ride of crowded LRT. My only wish is to reach home peacefully, bath and sleep.

Who wants to care whether you work or don't work?! Sell or don't sell?! Everybody works and sell something (including selling arse). Don't come whining to me when you can't do whatever you want in the public street. Selling or promoting i don't care.

Just don't go on further when i say, "No, thank you. I am not interested."

I don't need anger management and yes I have sudden scary outburst...

is sky the limit... what?! what do you want?

Men will Crack and Women will Pop!

Hi, lets take a look at another of my twisted mind. Say you are a man and when you wake up you have become a woman. The same goes for ladies. Again, say you are a lady and when you wake up you have become the world most beautiful lady. Now here is the catch.

If you wake up as a man then all the men in this world has become ladies. Now, when you wake up you get ready to go to work. It is peaceful and quiet. No highway jams. The roads are empty. Not a single soul. The traffic light are left blinking on its own. The giant malls are so eerily quiet. You reach your working place. The parking lot is empty. No security guards and no people. It is so quiet that you only heard yourself.

You walked to the lift and goes up to your department. As you enter, you see millions of cubicle stretch to the end of the department. You see no heads or others. Just plain empty. Except for the ticking of the clock. You give a loud sighed and walked to your cubicle. The moment you confirm your buttock on the chair you hear someone giggling. You looked the right and to the left. No one. You start to wonder if its your mind.

The moment you looked at your screen you see a silhouette of a lady standing behind you. Is it a reflection of something else or is it really someone. Immediately you turned to the back to see who was it. A lady in red. She was dressed in the most beautiful dress. She looked at you and smiled. Of course, you being a gentleman you need to smile back. You were peculiar with her standing behind you and asked her why she was there. She just laughed non stop. A man’s laughing voice. Not to forget, that you have woke up as a man but originally a woman. So your voice is very feminine.

Understandably, if you happen to see someone suddenly appear behind you, you would like run very fast because it might be some specter. Therefore, I shall asked you to run as fast as possible. But more and more ladies appear from the floor. Until you could not reach the lift. Your heart thumping faster and faster. There is a fire stairs but it is also block by another lady. They are coming nearer and nearer to you. Your mind start to reel up ideas to escape. In one attempt, you ran as fast as you could and hit the windows, crashed and you have leaped off the building. You are falling so fast that you are going to hit the ground any moment. Unfortunately, you did not stop falling. Instantly you are kept afloat. More and more ladies stay afloat and surrounded you. You asked them this question, “What do you all want?”

If you don’t understand my story that is not a necessary for you to do so because it is intentionally written like that to keep your mind thinking of today’s world of human relationship. It could represent many variables of ideas in a rapidly moving society.

I leave you to your thinking and form your own wildest dream. I end here with another of my twisted yet cryptic ideas.

Is sky the limit… Confusion and nevertheless you do not know the answer… think again!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Blogs are bursting and millions are expressing… I blog!

This blog of mine has reached its one year and four months old. Another 6 months and one year to go before it bid its last entry in episode 3. There are many times I asked myself why did I started blogging. Here is a story of my twisted mind.

Once upon a time, there was this loner in one of millions of cubicles in the cubic world. Everyone lived in a cubicle. They eat, sleep, play and shit in their cubicles. Although there are a few loners in the cubic world but many of them are celebrity popsicles. Everywhere they go, people will definitely want some sweetness from these celebrity popsicles. One day, loners in the cubic world decided to have their own sweetness in fame. They started a group called expressers.

They expressed their feelings and concerns to the world of cubic. Each of them get to express their voice out to the citizen of cubicles. It took only one entry and they were shot to the sky like fire crackers. They were heard daily and increasingly more focus on their updates. Regardless if their concerns and feelings were humorous, serious, environmental, love, hatred, satirist or political but it was the only one part of them to let the world of cubic to know of their existence. World of cubic was equivalent to the millions of cubicle combine to become one big piece of the jigsaw puzzle. Just one expression, all other celebrity popsicles, loners, ragers, unfaithfuls, jokers, spouses, know it alls and many more expressionist will go remark on it.

As expressionist become more famous and elaborate yet a bit of generalization they become the bloggers. They will blog with words type in their mind and express into the form understood and readable by other blogsters and blogstanders. Blogstanders would just read and at times try to find flavours from different blogsters. In contrast to blogstanders, blogster will contribute their expression as well as reading others to get a connection and be in part of the world of blogs. World of cubic also slowly start to evolve and it eventually burst into millions of galaxies. Thus, it creates the island of blogs with different flavors.

Therefore, these flavors represented each blogsters own domain from the world of cubic outburst. Some eventually become tech blogs. Some eventually become social blogs. Some eventually become political blogs. Some eventually become family blogs. Some eventually become sex blogs. Some eventually become personal blogs. Some just pop and move on and form other type of alternative form of expression.

So the linkage of me in this world of cubic or should I say world of blogs infected me by another blogster who sees blogs as one way to communicate herself. Indeed, I was one of the loners in the world of cubic but eventually evolve too to become, not a celebrity popsicle, but another rat in a blog of maze. Blogging until I found the exit. That exit will be my last episode. Episode 3.

This is my story. The end.

Is sky the limit… blog of gateway to millions of unheard expressions…

Monday, July 10, 2006

Loans and Repayment... Owed and Paying

Note: something to ponder when you are still a student or to someone who is yet paying it.

You know yourself that being a student can be sometime very difficult especially when it comes to money. Parents cannot afford all the luxury that you always wanted while in the university. Although you may try to scrimp and saved for every month so you can use your money to either buy books or stationeries for your assignments yet it is still not enough.

Student life in my time was a bit tough though i am still lucky enough to have my Kriss II modenas to move around freely. However, money was limited and need to save for every end of the month.

However, with the goverment help today, student's life is a little bit assisted and financial are not as tight as relying solely on their parents. Getting loan is one of the most happiest thing for every student. The loan i specifically mentioned here is the PTPTN. To some who pay full loan will be happy that they won't have to burden their family.

They can eat and study with their mind free from burden. Throughout their number of years of studies towards graduation, they are supported by PTPTN's funding. Even though sometimes the loan may come in late but still it will reach into their account to pay off their tuition fees, rent and basic necessities.

Although PTPTN is seen as a very goodwill and good thing to assist needy students but does all students repay back PTPTN?

Well, students should pay back because it is goverment money. Though one may argue those money are from the hard earned citizen like my Pa, my Ma, your Pa and your Ma. Unfortunately, that is not the case. If we see it on the overall picture we can actually re-cycle the whole fund that has been borrowed to previous loaners who repay PTPTN back. Therefore, it falls on to the shoulders of graduated students to repay back PTPTN. Paying back PTPTN not only does it help PTPTN to finance its new loaners but it also help PTPTN to reduce borrowing from other organizations to support its continual loaning services to new students.

After all, when you borrow you should repay. Yes, i am still repaying my loans and still got many moons to go before i am free from my government debt. It can be a heartache when you start repaying but its is still a responsibility. Over the years when you progress in your career and pay advancement I am sure the PTPTN repayment will be one small portion in your monthly bill payment. Unless you got other commitments then you will need to reevaluate your budget. Imagine, if PTPTN were to act like an Ah Long (Which they won't) come to your door and spray red paint demanding you to pay. Then it will look like this on your door step.

An Ah Long in action demanding payment

from my neighbor and it reads,

"Ah Lim, big con man, talk not honor, owed me money and not pay"

This picture was taken on several weeks ago when my opposite apartment neighbor had to fled an Ah Long who came that night to shift out all of his furnitures. This message was scribble across his apartment wall. It still can be seen until now.

But because PTPTN was setup to help needy students to get through their education by offering them a loan therefore being part of the society students should repay PTPTN's loan. And they tried to be lenient with the repayment but there are some who abused the system. Just imagine you had been hard on repaying your PTPTN and someone is not paying it.

For me, i will continue on paying my loans to PTPTN until I am release from it. Yes, getting the loan to study was easy and had helped me a lot but still it is a debt that has to be repay!

is sky the limit... students should pay... it's a debt...

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Female Drivers Only...

The other day, I was searching for a place to park when I noticed this parking attendant in Cineleisure Damansara ushered me to drive closer.

Wife: Eh, he is signaling you to driver closer lar.

* parking attendant flashing his fluorescent baton *

Me: yeah hor… then let us drive towards him.

Wife: Wah, nice new cinema with parking attendant ushering us… not bad…

* my car moved near the attendant and a car was reversing out *

Me: Wah… so good… he is finding a place for us… let's wait for this car to reverse out.

* the car left *

Me: Ok, let's park!

* suddenly, the parking attendant waved me to stop and pointed to the sign on the pillar *

Me: Cheh! Why ask me to come lar! You kacang ar?!

Wife: eh, what’s the matter? Park lar… he asked you mar…

Me; No lar… look!

* I pointed to the pillar *

Wife: Aaaa Cheeeh!... then why signaled us to come closer… he crazy ar?

Me: Nuts!

* So I drove to another packing space *

Not bad, Cineleisure Damansara has a parking spot near the entrance for the ladies. Ladies will feel safer now when they watch midnight movies.

Is sky the limit… ladies parking only…

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

True Adventures of William & Encik Polis

It happen one year ago and my first fine in Ipoh. It always amused me when I think back. I did not get a ticket in KL but in Ipoh. So this was my first reaction when the police stopped me and fined me for speeding a red traffic light.

Encik Polis: You pandu tak henti dari traffic light sampai sini. Tak nampak saya ka?
Me: Err.. tidak.

Encik Polis: Ok, you tau kenapa saya panggil you berhenti?
Me: Err.. tidak.

Encik Polis: Ok, adakah you tau dah laku kesalahan traffic?
Me: Err.. tidak.

Encik Polis: Ok, biar saya cakap… anda telah melanggar isyarat lampu merah. Faham?
Me: Betul ka?

Encik Polis: Betul lar… you berhenti sebelah saya… then you just terus lalu red traffic light. Semua orang pun tengok saya. I know, you are in a rush. Tapi, semua orang tengok saya so I kena kejar you. Faham tak?
Me: Oh.. ok… sorry ar…

Encik Polis: Eh, you faham ka?
Me: Faham.. hehehehe…

Encik Polis: I terpaksa saman lu, you tau ka?
Me: Faham..

Encik Polis: So apa you nak buat sekarang?
Me: Tak tau…

Encik Polis: Ok lar, I terang proses untuk you.
Me: Ok.

Encik Polis: Sebab you dah langgar isyarat lampu merah so itu big kesalahan. Boleh denda points. Faham?
Me: Ok. Faham.

Encik Polis: Ambik license mari dan IC.
Me: Ok.. nah… * handling him my IC and car license *

Encik Polis: Ini kereta siapa?
Me: Ibu punya…

Encik Polis: So siapa bayar saman ini? You or ibu?
Me: Ibu…

Encik Polis: Eh, you belum kerja ka? RM300 oh… jangan main oh.. nanti ibu betul betul pukul lu…
Me: errr… baru start saja… * wink wink *... kereta ibu saya pakai mau jemput adik balik dari sekolah…

Encik Polis: Ok ok lar… kesian sama lu… nanti balik ibu marah… I tulis you tak pakai seat belt bayar RM70 cukup. You boleh hor?
Me: RM70.. boleh bayar sendiri…

Encik Polis: Ah, lain kali jangan terburu-buru. Nanti kemalangan macam mana. Kereta ini ibu punya. Kalo kereta sendiri takper lar…
Me: ok ok… thank you thank you…

Encik Polis: Ok ini saman, ini your ic dan ini your lessen. Pergi ke balai polis trafik di Ipoh dan bayar saman. Ok? Jangan langgar isyarat lampu lagi.
Me: ok ok.. .thank you thank you…

Wah… I am so kam tung! I terpaksa sedar diri and drive more carefully.

Is sky the limit… advice me some more… its my fault, I know.