Monday, April 24, 2006

No, I don't want anything

If you girls are alone better becareful if you are approach by people who carries a bag and some papers in their hand. You might not know what will happen to you until its too late. Some might be genuine salesperson trying to sell you something. But if you can imagine the scene someone trying to sell you something in a shopping centre like Mines Resort. Just don't make sense.

Here is one incident:

Me: Dear, i am going to put this tray back over there.
Florence: ok.

* i walked over then i turned my head *

Stranger: * talking to Florence showing her a piece of paper and one hand holding a briefcase *
Florence: I don't...

Me: I don't want anything, go away * one hand doing the shoo-ing sign "
Stranger: ok ok... * walked away *

I just don't see that stranger talking to anyone even after i had shoo him away. Strange don't you think. There are so many couples and some alones sitting around and why don't he talk to them. So what is he trying or planning to do to single girls? If you are trying to sell something why don't you stop me and say you need to sell something to me. My first impression will be, "seems to me the guy is trying to con people". Or maybe he doesn't want to attract attention if i decided to make a fuss. Or maybe he is just being polite by responding to someone said no.

Whatever the reason just becareful when you are alone in the shopping plaza or anywhere.

I know times are difficult and some people are resorting to selling on the streets to earn some money. So just becareful.

Remember if you don't want anything, just say firmly: "No thank you, I don't want anything".

is sky the limit... I don't want anything. Go away.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Hectic Over.

With the massive heat that permeating through the atmosphere, I successfully lived through to face the last paper on Monday, though, hopefully, go through it with another success or good faith!

Doing nothing else, I clicked, clicked and clicked.

Finally, stopped at ISTL and glanced through it.

"OMG, 'he' become a lecturer? In a million years! Why he wants to be a lecturer?"

"I have no idea where that idea came?"

"Hmm, human is a very complex form, isn't it?"

Maybe, I would be a scientist working in a laboratory, working with a sample of a virus (which I would think it is a T-Virus!). Then, wouldn't it be fun?

[Spending too much time on papers and documents can make someone build castle in the air.
E.g. I want to be a scientist working in Umbrella Inc.!]

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Me being a lecturer...

I always think of after retirement I will be a lecturer. This morning i had an early dream while driving to work. Yeah I know dreaming and driving is dangerous. But i just couldn't help it. After all, it was still morning.

Being a lecturer, I think I will be a very bad and evil teacher. I can imagine students hating me and calling me names behind my back. But as all my employers and supervisors always said,

"It’s good for you and you should appreciate the opportunity given to you".

So for that I will give my students the same treatment but with added flavor, "Its good for you and you should appreciate the opportunity given to you, don't blame me but blame the industry".

Let’s try to simulate some of my dreams.

Scene 1: Walking into a new class on the first day
Me: Ok, I know we are new and this is your first day in this class. Please study chapter 1 to chapter 5. We will have quiz next week. Our lecturer and student relationship will be more exciting after this week… or forget about it.
Students: Jeeze!... who the hell is he? * some refuses to believe this will be their lecturer *

Scene 2: While my back facing the students and looking at my presentation slides.
Me: If you don't understand this, don't blame me, blame the industry who designs this. Understood? Any question? No? Then go home read it up. It’s easy to understand, right?
students: * whispering whispering * as though he is damn pandai...

Scene 3: While introducing myself to the class.
Me: My name is William and there will be assignments after every three weeks. All this will add up to your final semester 10%. Quiz 30%. 3 big exam papers equivalent 60%. I don't care if you got other assignments not related to my class or you are working part time at night. If you fail then you did not manage your time well for my class. So decide now.
Students: This lecturer real KNNMCB &^^*%$$^%$%@#$#$%...

Scene 4: One day before Chinese New Year Holiday/Hari Raya/Deepavali/Wesak Day/Christmas/Labour Day/Teacher's Day/Agung's Birthday/PM's Birthday/Sultan's Birthday/Father's birthday/Mothers' birthday/Grandfather's Birthday/etc
Me: Here is your research questions. I want that on my box when you come back. No extension. Delay will be shot!
Students among themselves: Awwwww... f**K!

Scene 5: One week before the exam
Me: Ok chapter 1 to chapter 8 will be coming out. But please study this book also... the industry has upgraded their spec. Chapter 1 to chapter 3. Don't blame me. Blame the industry.
students: Kanasai!

Scene 6: One student came to my room.
Student: Sir, I have a problem completing my project.
Me: Which project? Be specific.
Student: The assignment 3 blah blah blah.
Me: * busy with his blog *
Me: what did you say? say that again?
student: * in his heart - *&^*&^%&%##@$ * sorry sir, its blah blah blah...
Me: oh that one... simple only mar... what problem?
student: * in his heart - &%$*&##%&&$$^ * its blah blah blah...
Me: ok, take this book and read. Chapter 3 to chapter 4. The answers are all there. Go read and apply it. If cannot then... aiya you go do first... cannot then we only decide hor? Learn lar like your friend XXXX who has finish that already. See! His project here on my table already. Go now. Just to remind you, your due date is one day tomorrow. No extension understand?
student: * in his heart - kanineh kanasai MCBHKCDLLM * thank you sir. * silently tiu! *

Scene 7: Final days before the semester is over.
Me: Everything I taught in the class and the things you learnt and did through pain and blood... I hope you understand that it is for your own good and you should not blame me. Its the industry. The industry changes faster than you changed your girlfriends or boyfriends... Moreover, you are all still young and have a bright future. Please fill this survey form for me. Thank you.
Students: Tiu!

is sky the limit... teaching will be syok.

Someone else is sleeping in my room...

Last night, I heard someone snoring very loudly and walked into the bedroom. I saw another person sleeping next to Florence. I got so angry, like i wanted to meletup and go mad, and decided the most evil thing a man do could do...

I took his photo as evidence...

Awww... ain't he cute...

Florence : what he?! is a she... her name is Pinky... how many times must i tell you?!

* whack whack whack *

Me: Aduh... Aduh...

is sky the limit... shussshhh.... Pinky is sleeping...

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Moody Indulging Food...

If you are ever feeling moody and just want to chew and swallow. Here is another recipe that you might want to consider at night after dinner and before supper. Beware high calorie and full of sweetness.

2 packs of cheese nachos
2 packs of huge chocolate bars with hazel nuts
1 pack of raisin
3 scoops of ice cream (your favorite choice – Haagen Daz or Baskin Robbins)
I big glass bowl

First, put in the 2 packs of cheese nachos into the bowl. Second, crush the huge bar of chocolate with hazel nuts into the bowl. Third, sprinkle the raisins on top of it. Final, put in the 3 scoops of ice cream on top.

Additionally, you can finish the preparation with two waffles spread with peanut butter.

Now you can start indulging moody appetite.

Is sky the limit… indulges… indulges

Get Fat Recipe...

I know this entry could help TC so I decided to draw up one good recipe for him. For other readers please do not follow this recipe as it contains a lot of calories and it is very bad. This recipe does not teach you to have a balance eating or diet to have nice body figure. So you have been warned about this; so does this entry's title. On one hand, most likely COM will tick this recipe being fit for a king. Yes it is and it does.

Morning: (7:00 am)
1 glass of fresh milk directly from the cow.
1 pack of nasi lemak with one fried egg (hor pau tan) and fried chicken drumstick.
2 half boil eggs. You may sprinkle some pepper and some soy sauce.
1 curry puff while you pay your bill.

Snack: (10:30 am)
1 cup of instant Campbell corn and cheese soup with croyton.
1 packet of tasty cheese cracker or butter cracker.
Optional: You can have one packet of Mars bar chocolate.

Lunch: (1:00 pm)
1 glass of Teh Tarik.
1 plate of white rice (add rice) serve with one Begedel (mash fried potato), one fried chicken drumstick, some fish curry paste, one fried egg and some stir fried cabbage.
1 plate of kaya glutinous rice.
Additional: You can have a cone of mix ice cream from Macdonalds.

Tea Break: (3:00 pm)
1 slice of Hawaiian pizza.
1 slice of Oreo cheese cake.
2 slices of steam yam top with fried onions and chillies.
1 cup of milk tea with some butter corn flavour.
Optional: Instead of steam yam, you can choose fried Wadei so it is more feeling.

2 glasses of Coca Cola or Pepsi for the rest of the working hours.

Snack on highway when it is jam:
Pop in 1 pack of M&Ms to chew.

Dinner: (7:30 pm)
2 bowls of white rice.
1 plate of grilled cheese hot dogs (3 rolls). Top with mayonnaise and side with cheese nachos.
1 plate of stir fried brocolli with big Tiger prawns top with mayonaise and butter.
1 plate of steam huge black pomfret top with finely slices of ginger, chopped onions and garlics and dry mushrooms. Sprinkle with black pepper and marinated with some salt, light soy sauce, sesame seed oil, and oyster sauce.
1 small plate of Fuh Yee (Marinated Spicy Sour Tofu) from Lee Kum Kee.
1 bowl of hot chicken soup.

1 glass of icy blended carrot and tomato juice mix with yogurt while you sit down to watch the news or enjoy the rest of your evening reading newspaper..

Supper (12:00 am)
1 bowl of Cintan Mee ( preferably one pack and a half) with prawn flavored seasoning.
Top with two cheese hot dogs and one fried egg (hor pau tan).
One Dagwood sandwich of your choice.

1 glass of hot milk added with pure honey just before you hit the pillow.

Dagwood sandwich:
3 slices of Gardenia bread.
1 bottle of mayonnaise.
1 bottle of peanut butter.
1 bottle of strawberry jam.
1 plastic container of Marigold butter or margarine.
3 slices of delicious smoked ham.
3 slices of fresh cabbage.
A few slices of fresh and cold cucumber.

Is sky the limit… just open your mouth and swallow…

Custom Bak Kut Teh at home

Last week, I had a good bak kut teh and my low poh felt she should make one for ourselves at home just to see how it turn out. So we bought a lot of meat and mushroom. Not to mention the bak kut teh herbs too. Here you are after one hour cooking in the kitchen.

One homemade Bak Kut Teh

1 can of Enoki mushrooms.
1 pack of dry mushrooms.
1 can of button mushrooms.
1 pack of fillet chicken (we decided to skip pork since we had it on Saturday).
1 pack of Bak Kut Teh herbs.
Soy sauce and a few drop of sesame seed oil.
A lot of black pepper and two tablespoon salt.

Apart from that, we serve the Bak Kut Teh with another plate of stir fry cabbage and a few fried cheese hotdogs. It was a very sumptuous dinner just for 2 persons. As a result, this is my tummy that late evening.

Is sky the limit… custom bak kut teh… yeah

Monday, April 17, 2006

Bak Kut Teh... Burrrrppppp... Very Satisfied!

Again, Saturday came, we went for PC Fair and did a major shopping. Yup, we bought a lot of things. Then we went for Bak Kut Tech... err... i mean Bak Kut Teh.

At the usual restaurant:

Si tau poh: Ok, oi sik mek yeh? (what do you want to eat?)

Me: Claypot, a lot, a lot of mushrooms, mor ku, tai ku, ah ku, enoki ku... semua taruh. 70% kus and 30% pork. Pork i want lean... not fatty. No innards. I bowl of yew char kuey, 1 plate of por li sang choy, and two glass of ice tea... Oh, plus 4 bowls of rice.

Si tau poh: ok, no problem.

Florence and me: * get chopsticks and some chopped garlic ready *

After 15 minutes, the things arrived,

Florence and me: * yum yum yum *
Florence and me: * slurp slurp slurp *

After 20 minutes,

Me: burrrp... ok satisfied...
Florence: burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrppppppppppppp...

Me: ooi...
Florence: hehehehe... satisfied!

is sky the limit... bak kut teh syok! burrrrrpppppppp....

Friday, April 14, 2006

ISTL : Lunchtime Analysis

Disclaimer: Names has been changed to protect their identity. This entry is very long and read at your own sweet time. Those who hate long entries please read the short abstract. I will not be held responsible to anything written in this entry. Those who shall not like and hate this entry should leave this blog. Thank you.

The Short Abstract:
A business tower with limited supply and limited choice of food offer will result health hazard to its workers working there. To read this in details please read further.

This is a food source report conducted to analyze the effect of limited supply of food source in A*C*RP Mall towards its visitors who are mainly workers who work in its business towers.

To analyse the situation, i have re-created the scenario into a story.

As usual today TC, Padme, Kerry, LF and me went to our usual place for our usual food and drinks. Except for COM he wanted vegetarian and joined his other friend at another stall. We had the usuals for the past one year and four months. Yet, the days we need to endure this sickening usuals are still counting.

Definitely, we are sick of the usuals. Unfortunately, we work in A*C*RP Tower where good food are scarce and you need to force yourself to swallow it. Here is my observation of our daily question and answer routine to look for food. Again, I stressed its a routine. That routine which you cannot miss. If you miss it meaning there is an issue. Here is the observation:

TC : * Walks over to my cubicle *
Me : * I looked up *

TC : Jom, makan.
Me : Yeah... where?
TC : Dunno.

Me : lets ask Padme and COM
TC : Yeah...

TC : jom, makan.
Padme : Yeah... where?
Me : * silent and praying *
TC : Dunno.

Padme : lets ask Kerry.
TC : Yeah...

TC : jom, makan.
Kerry : yeah... * smile like a cute angel * ... where?
Me : * silent and praying *
Padme : hehehe...
TC : Dunno.

Kerry : lets ask LF.
TC : Yeah...
TC : jom, makan.
LF : Yeah... where?
Me : * silent and praying *
Padme : hehehe...
kerry : * smile like a cute angel * hehehe...
TC : Dunno.

COM : Lets go down first...
TC, Kerry, LF, Padme, Me : ok.

* While in the lift *

Me : So where...
TC : Dunno.
Padme : anything...
Kerry : anywhere will do...
LF : hahahaha...
COM : * on his phone talking business deal *

* about to reach ground floor *

COM : * closed his phone * So, where do we eat?
TC : Dunno.
Padme : anything...
LF : hahahaha...
Me : * look at him * i love you...

* Out in the A*C*RP lobby *

Me : Ok, where?
TC : Dunno.
Padme : * silent and praying that William won't ask her *
Kerry : Hehehehe... anything lar
LF : * look elsewhere *
COM : * phone ring * hello, ya ya.. the business deal is on.. RM4.5 million... cash... not cheque.. preferably in suitcase... yak yak yak...

* Reaching the A*C*RP main shopping level *

Me : OK, where?
TC : Dunno.
Padme : * looking at Poh Kong Jewellery and smiling gleefully *
Kerry : Hehehehe... anything lar
LF : * look elsewhere *
COM : * still on his business deal *

* Reaching the bottom *

Me : OK, there is mamak, Kapitan chicken, mamak, uncle chillies, Giant restaurant, subway, and rak tahi.. i mean rak thai...
TC : Dunno.
Padme : * yak yak with Kerry *
Kerry : * yak yak with Padme *
LF : * look elsewhere *
COM : eh william, need to meet a business partner... you guys go ahead...
Me : ok.

* Reaching the mamak *

Me : * sigh... I just sat down on the mamak's table *
TC, Kerry, Padme, LF: * all sat down *

* at the mamak *

Indian brother : Minum?
Me : 5 gelas air suam.

Indian brother : Ok, makan?
Me : 1 nasi goreng biasa

TC : 1 nasi goreng biasa
Kerry : 1 nasi goreng sayur
Padme : 1 Mee goreng
LF : * Goes to the food stand to pick 1 fried fish, 1 tofu and white rice *

* Please repeat the above process and conversation from the beginning for one week, then one month, then one year and so forth *

Referring to the process above and to write this technical analysis, the restriction of food choices in one domain of a limited space will stricken the choice of human words and decision making. Given the time of one year and four months, the process of brainstorming for food will become redundant and the usual aspect of food selection will become a norm that for the specimen above will only follow what other specimen do in that particular space of time.

A*C*RP Mall need to expand or the specimen attending to its offer will have a shrinkage in vocabulary usage and lower level of brainstorming function which will affect the health of the specimen:

1. Lower vocabulary usage.
Given the fact that the working environment is very quiet, lunch time should be happier to compensate back the loss of vocabulary during working. Unfortunately, the limited number of food offer in A*C*RP Mall has further reduce vocabulary usage among the workers. Over the period, this may cripple the ability of the specimen to talk normally. To some specimen, it may be the reverse. Therefore, this type of specimen will likely to go crazy and play with their vocabulary.

2. Unable to perform decision making.
With much of the specimen working environment revolves around the email, many instruction given were according to email based instruction (EBI). In order to make the specimen more interactive, lunch hour should be the perfect hour to create interaction among themselves. However, A*C*RP Mall provides a limited food offer that has resulted many specimen unable to make a quick decision on which food to take. The mind has been numb by the fact of too little variety in food offering. Over the long period, it will be hazardous to the mouth muscle.

3. Repetitive Stress Injury.
Although this term is usually associated with computer usage injury but due to the repetitive activity of questioning and action for one week might injury to the specimen who repeatedly perform same the action. Take for example specimen name TC, the specimen has repeatedly answer "dunno" in every question put forth by specimen William. Though by repetitive answer Dunno may not result a lot of vein damage but the heavier damage will be more on the specimen who ask that question. It is noted that a quantity of water from the mouth organ was loss. Apart from that, the energy being wasted to emit the vocal sound so that it is well receive by other specimen. Over the long period of usage will result both specimen to suffer voice reduction syndrome.

There is only one solution to prevent the above health hazard is to expand the food choice. By doing so, A*C*RP Mall will brighten up a lot of workers in that building. Moreover, the stress and injuries will reduce and more workers will be willing to stay in that building. It may be one factor to prolong one worker's tenure in the building.

After one year and four months working here, the food offer need to re-adjust so that the satisfaction among the workers can be maintain at the happy level and at the same time reducing stress injuries.

This report has excluded the food's price and is not taken into consideration during the observation process. If the syndrome or health hazard continues to get worse in the future it shall be taken into analysis.

Is sky the limit... Lunchtime Analysis.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Do men cross their legs when sitting?

Public holiday is always the best. Unfortunately, my apartment is now television-less so entertainment is a little bit restricted in the evening. That faithful evening, i got hold of the latest CLEO magazine. After flipping through a few pages at the end, one article got my attention. That article had this question put like this:

Is it ok to cross your legs while you are sitting?

The answer is very much depending on the gender. For the female, it is fine to cross their legs while sitting. However, for males like us, we won't feel very comfortable. The reason because we have balls and it will be squeeze if we cross our legs while sitting.

So, that question was further discuss and improve as below:

Florence : so you really can't cross legs while sitting?
Me : Hmmm... dun feel good squeezing it lar... nope.

Florence : So it means sissy only cross legs lar?
Me : Hmmm... yup that is right...

Florence : But why they can squeeze and you cannot... sissy also got balls mar...
Me : Well, you know, low poh, if i ever cross legs, you and i got a big problem.

Florence : huh?
Me : You see, sissy have small balls, and most probably can't satisfy their partner at night. Understood so far? That is why all their friends are known as sisters.

Florence : ok.
Me : Then for guys like us, we are all consider the real man, the men, and we have the balls that is with the right size and the right skill we can use it to satisfy our partners every night. So wouldn't you like it? Therefore, I don't cross legs while sitting. I am a man. Again, Wouldn't you like it? * wink * wink *

Florence : Hamsap! What do you mean satisfy partner every night and wouldn't i like it... hamsap! hamsap!... go away... eeeeeeee.... hamsap!!!!!!

* CLEO magazine rolled up to hit the hamsap man who don't cross his legs while sitting *

* whack! whack! whack! *

Therefore guys, please be kind and gentle to your inheritance management system down there. Don't cross your legs. Squeezing is hazardous...

is sky the limit... we are men with balls


Kelentong - verb (ke ~ len ~ tong)

The act of simply expressing something to answer one's either question or action to avoid any difficulty and troubles that will be put to the person. It may also be that someone is lazy to provide answers or actions.

Pronounce as klan~tong, kelentong, geh len tong.

This word can be used in many ways depending on the scenario or the events.

Scenario 1: Answer exam questions
Student 1: Oi Ah Beng, how is your exam? Tough ar?
Student 2: Aiya... Kelentong saja lar...
Meaning : Just simply answer only.

Scenario 2: Talking rubbish
Student 1: How did you perform in your oral English?
Student 2: Aiya... kelentong a few words lar...
Meaning : Just simply say a few words...

Scenario 3: Writing unneccessary points
Student 1: Wah, your essay damn long... aiseh!
Student 2: Aiya... just kelentong something inside lar...
Meaning : Just simply put some thing into it lar... not very important one lar...

Scenario 4: Your boss telling you things that you don't want to hear
Employee 1 : How's the meeting dude?
Employee 2 : Aiya... kelentong saja mar... no change punya...
Meaning: Talk only lar... got change meh...

Ok, i have kelentong here in this entry too much already...

is sky the limit... just many kelentong-ing

Monday, April 10, 2006

To care and caring for the sick...

One Saturday evening, i was reading my low poh's Nursing textbook. It read, "Nursing is a practice of caring and to care for sick and the needy so it could rapidly heal". Another term read, "to aid the sick to rapidly heal with their environment... "


Me : Low poh, your nursing textbook define nursing as "caring and to care for the sick bla bla bla... " How come i am coughing you are not taking care of me ar?
Low poh : You want one kick from me ar?

Me : hehehehehe.... here says ma...
Low poh : * stare at me * I am not in uniform now...

Me : well, you can go wear your uniform... hehehehe.. we can play doctor and nurses... hehehehehe... * wink wink *
Low poh : * Ka - Thump! Haiyaaaar! - flying kick *

Me : argh!!!! Please dun hit me... please dun hit me... abuse! abuse! Nurse abusing patient! report! report!
Low poh : oh... now you say that lar? Ok out of the room tonight... sleep outside...

Me : ok ok... hehehehehehe.... * pretending to sleep like a baby *

is sky the limit... nursing is to care and caring for the sick....

Everything KAPUT!

Last Friday night, my cough was getting better. Still its slightly but not so worse than Thursday.

Apart from that, that Friday I am absolutely speechless with the things that had happened to me.

First, my notebook's CD ROM kaput. I wanted to upgrade to Windows XP Professional. It went kaput with "Tuk Tuk" sound. I am using W2K Professional.

Second, since my CD ROM kaput so i tried my external DVD/CD Burner to run the XP installation. It went kaput too. It wouldn't read the CD. Maybe i should try some other CDs. If it work on others, still i am going to get a new one.

Third, after failing to install XP, i gave up and went to see television. Guess what! My television kaput too! WTF?! It just pssst and black out. I tried hitting it a few times, the screen just come and go. Well, that is it for that television. More on TV episode.

I am max out and no entertainment currently at home. Can't do any technical review for SAP now. Thank god, i can still play Pharaoh 2 and Starcraft EXP. Well, i just stick to those games for the time being.

Shit... everything kaput at the same time... geez!

is sky the limit... kaput! kaput! kaput!

Water Spirit... Bah!

I need to and got to review this because at the end of the day I found this movie is not as good as the title said. Its a crap!

Water spirit
Not for the faint hearted
and pregnant women.

Ok lets hold this movie and its tagline to its value first.

When florence and me saw this poster both of us were like awe because of its tagline. Even the poster we felt it is scary enough. So we proceed to buy the tickets to see it.

Throughout the movie, the ghost was good only lar but the plot sucks. Utterly sucks.

Here is the spoiler:

Story goes back to the past in the first showing a group of girl students studying in a catholic school. They were taught by this strict principal. No, the principal did not do SM or anything that is sexually gratifying acts. Oh boy, i would have love this movie if that happen. Sadly, it did not. She preached them about SIN.

One day, one of the girl got horny with the priest, Father Miguel, and they make out like rabbits. As COM always said. At the end of it, yes the girl got pregnant. Unfortunately, the girl was looking at her pregnancy kit in the bathroom at the wrong time when the principal walked in and found out. To punish her sin, the principal proceed to pour hot water on her privates. Yes, she did it. Poor girl, she yelled and cried.

Then, on one hand, a group of girls were in the kitchen heard the girl cried. So they want to check it out and found the principal was punishing their friend. So they drowned the principal and dumped her body into the holy pond and vowed never to mention this to anyone.

After 18 years, the catholic school closed, the principal were never found, the girls are now adults and the one got who pregnant gave birth lar. One night, the holy pond was disturb and the ghostly principal came alive to kill the girls for their sin.

So the first to go was the girl who got pregnant. She was knifed at the throat. Gory. I am fine with it.

Then the second, the fat lady had both of arms amputated by a falling lift. Syok. I am still fine with it.

The third, cruxifixed in her own bathroom. Ok lar only.

The fourth, beheaded by a broken window. Nothing much... i've seen this in Braveheart and Lord of the Rings many times similarly being hacked off by swords or other things.

The fifth, burnt to death. Ok lar.

The sixth, had died before the movie began. * scratch head.. .no idea *

The last, the daughter was spear through the chest. This is the shittest part... illogical... just do not understand it.

Well, the last killing event happen to be in a water-filled chamber where the heroine intend to eliminate the principal in the water. Of course the ghost and the heroine died-ed. Why? The daughter was possesed the ghost, i think. the objective the heroine died was not clearly made out. If the director complained me i would just say, "Tiu, your movie last half part... i am blurred to the max!"

One thing about this story, it is absolutely nothing horrifying and as faint hearted as it is describing in its tagline. I would not say pregnant women should not watch this. It is more of a laughing ghostly act.

Even though there are few scary moments but towards the trip from New York to Barcelona the events are more a like what the hell's going on. Some things are just plain illogical like the friend priest Gabriel trying to make out with the daughter in the dead principal's room. Would you want to do that? No way. The movie characters just keep on going up and down or miss this things or that things. Clearly, it has no suspense and thrill effect in it.

After watching this movie, i do not find the tagline that convincing. Not for the fainted heart?! Are you kidding?

If you were asking is the ghost scary? No, movies like Ring, One Miss Call, Reincarnation ghost characters are more scarier than this! By the way, Reincarnation is the next upcoming ghost movie from Japan. I will be definitely watching this with Florence.

The story is definitely lame.

If you have watched Water Spirit, please compensate your satisfaction by watching, When A Stranger Calls. Its awesome and full of suspense. I recommend that you watch this movie. Its packed with energy.

After leaving the show,

Florence : Water spirit.. eh...
Me : Water spirit... ptuiiieee....
Florence : hahahahahahahaha...

is sky the limit... not for the faint hearted?! My arse!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Oilment

This part is actually a comment to the part of "My sorethroat... relapsed... sigh...".

Do you know that it is scientifically proven in the world RE that if a survivor swallow his/her saliva, he/she can actually prevent sorethroat infection from happening. It's your saliva!

"Ever wonder when you work/study or concentrating do you ever swallow your saliva or you might be holding your saliva?"

'Constant swallowing your saliva can actually reduce 99% of throat infection' ~ source from the scientific world.

Well, if you don't believe it go check it out and rebut me!

My sorethroat... relapsed... sigh...

My sorethroat is back again... sigh...

doctor : more pills, more antibiotics, and more anti-inflammatory meds... go rest...

* swallow * swallow * ok guys see you sometime after i am thorough with this bad cough and throat...

* cough * cough *

* cough * cough *

* cough * cough *

* cough * cough *

* cough * queeekkk.. ptuiiii.... * cough *

is sky the limit... yes, its when you are sick!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Ptuii! or Gulp it... Disgusting...

Warning : Sick and gross entry on phelgm. Read at your own risk.

Sick and tired of the damn cough. Everywhere i go, that throat of mine is always looking for the opportunity to make me cough. All day and all night, i am coughing here and there. The phelgm in my throat is nasty.

One day, while i was driving:

Me : * cough * cough * ah haks .... grrl.... * phelgm was in my mouth *

Do i wind down my window and spit out? Maybe in the process my phelgm will hit someone's screen and that guy unable to see the front car and smash onto it. How about, if my phelgm suddenly fly across the street due to aerodynamics its physical feature, landed on a biker's helmet. Or even drop into his mouth! Eeewww... Disgusting...

Me : * shit *

I did the last thing and the most disgusting thing

Me : * gulp *

I have swallow it.

Florence : So how did it taste?

Me : huh?! what taste?
Florence : hehehe... that phelgm you have been trying to vomit out... hehehehe...

Me : * blush *
Me : hehehehe... don't want to discuss leh... disgusting lar...

Florence : A bit salty, sweet, bulky, and some creamy taste right? Admit it lar...
Me : Wah you... * speechless *

Me : you are right... wah lau...
Florence : hahahahahaahahaa....

Me : o_O""" hahahhahahaahaha.... you are disgusting!
Florence : What disgusting?! Normal mar... don't know where to ptuiii... swallow it lar... hahahahaha...

My dear friends, if you are as disgusting as me... please tell me about it.

Eewww... yuck!

is sky the limit... gulp... yikes!